Íchíyá Bóshí - JPNS semi-dried fish

  • Hi everyone!

    I have salt cured horse mackerel to make Íchíyá-boshí / semi dried fish.

    Íchíyá-bóshí verbally means overnight dried fish.

    So it is semi-dried, tender and juicy, but Umami is condensed.

    I have dried it in the net outside.

    I have found roe and soft roe, and liver in horse mackerel . I have stewed them in the homemade soy sauce based mixture.

    Yukkie’s Bar is an very exclusive bar which opens only for my parents and my good friends🤣

  • Nice looking fish Yukkie

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  • Oh those fish look awesome, I can't wait to get back to Japan (next Month) Have eaten a lot of yellowtail, sardine (Pilchard) garfish and even Fugu.

    Wifey and I are busting our britches to head out to the eateries in the Chiba prefecture. trying to lose a bit of weight to fit it all in.

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