Hard boiled eggs. Why does this happen?

  • So, what am I doing wring-ish.

    Sometimes, when I hard boil eggs, they are still a bit soft in the middle.

    Am I not cooking them for long enough, or not cooling fast enough?

    Put in cold water. Bring to boil. Them simmer for 7 to 8 minutes.

    Then tip out hot water, and cover in cold tap water. If we have a bottle of fridged cold water, I'll use that.

    But the middle is still a bit yellowed/soft.

    See if I remember how to post a pic.

    GMG DB, small Weber kettle. That's it. It's all I have left now. ;(

  • I should add, they're perfectly fine to eat like that, on bikkies.

    But when I mash them up with a fork, to put in a sandwich, the softer centre part stays in a little clump. Doesn't nicely mash.

    This is obviously all not first world problems.

    Just something I've been meaning to investigate for a while

    GMG DB, small Weber kettle. That's it. It's all I have left now. ;(

  • I have this $19 egg cooker from Kmart.

    Eggs are no-fail now! Hard boiled or soft (For scotch egg) perfect.

    Has a measuring cup to add the right amount of water for the doneness you want and how many eggs you are doing! Steams the eggs and I've never had eggs peel better than out of this thing!....shells come off clean!

  • Twenty bucks!

    I’m getting one!

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