3AW promotion??

  • Yes, I spoke to Neil Mitchell this morning about caravans and weights and also how to fool your partner if you buy something she wouldn't approve of. I told him about our raffle ticket idea for a new BBQ and he started asking about BBQs and how many I had and I was able to mention that I was on a BBQ forum. Neil asked if I wanted to give it a plug and that's what happened.

    In my time working from home over the last 10 years I becasme a bit of a regular 3AW caller and have won quite a few prizes which by now would total well over $2,000.

    Big Green Egg - Asmoke Pellet Grill - Weber Kettle - Maximus Pizza Oven - Dragon Hibachi - Ziggy Portable - baby kamado - Grillz 2 burner - Cobb BBQ - Converted Gas Bottle Spit - Charbroil Grill2go - Anova sous vide - Digi Q controller - plus Tip Top Temp - Smokeware cap - Grill Grates

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