Beijing (Peking) duck hanging in kamado

  • I bought some meat hooks and a stainless eye bolt. My wife prepped the (costco) duck with boiling water and also the rice sugar (something-something-dextrose-stuff).

    Apple chunks, no deflector, about an hour and a half at 210ish Celsius. I didn't bother checking the final internal temp because it was significantly beyond the 70-74C that I usually go for with duck.

    Then sliced it up to try and portion out the skin and ate it on little pancake things (steamed dumpling wrappers).

    Delicious. We finished the whole duck and now I have the meat sweats 😓

    I thought I'd put it into its own thread because the eye bolt and hooks worked well. About $15 all up and while it's a bit awkward attached to the lid it's only $15 so who cares?

  • Mate, that looks mint!

    Thanks for confirming what I’m having for dinner tomorrow night Duck!

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  • Great result and that duck looks fabulous. :cheers:

    Thanks for putting it in this section, I wish more of the quick posters would do similar with a bit more detail like this one. :clap:

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  • I'd be into that duck skin so fast, looks great.

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  • Mmmm. Which eye bolt did you use?

    bunnings, stainless M6. I think it's about 80mm long (already forgotten heh). It was in the aisle with chain, shackles etc. I got a packet of stainless M6 wingnuts as well. So the nut and washer that came with the eyebolt goes under the lid and the wing nut on top. The wall full of stainless nuts were in the galvanised section, which was doing MY nut in for a while.

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