smartfire bbq temp controller

  • So, I finally bought this. Thought I'd throw my thoughts up for anyone else doing research in the future. I'll add to this if I discover anything new in the future. It does feel a bit weird spending this much when the bbq itself was only $400 but I figure it'll still be useful if I upgrade the kamado. Someday I'll see a bge or primo second-hand at a steal...

    I fired it up on Tuesday just to try it out, but I didn't have anything to roast with it (I did grill some lamb chops at the end so the charcoal wasn't a total waste). During the initial test I turned it on with the pit at about 75C, and set the target temp to 115C. It overshot it by about 15C and slowly came back down. I then increased it to 180C but in a few incremental steps. I was able to hit 180 spot on so that's the workflow - if turning it on early, aim lower and it'll be fine.

    Yesterday we cooked another duck so I used it then. Because the duck was hanging there was no grate to clip the pit temp probe to so I just dangled it through the top vent. It held temp better than I expected, not varying more than half a degree for the whole cook (except opening the lid of course). In the screenshot below you can see the fan spinning at 4% power at 0.4 degrees below target.

    The case is great. I like how (once the cables are put on the 4 winders) there's room for extra things like a battery pack, usb charger and, tbh I'm not sure what else I'd want to put in there but there is room.

  • I have the previous version V4 and it’s just as good.

    The black version of your model is also now being sold under the branding of Primo pit controller.

    Mark Terrill the owner of Smartfire (from Melbourne) cooks on a XL and obviously did a deal with Primo for a JV.

    Enjoy your "Q"

    Primo XL, Primo Jr, GMG Davy Crockett, Char-Broil Grill2go and Ziggy Portable.

  • I have the previous version

    I've done a few cooks with it now. It's been solid. It's definitely important to get the top vent set right, but not difficult.

    One cook the graphs still had the previous night's data, along with 24 hours of zero. That was annoying but it hasn't happened since.

    i feel as though I'm missing a view in the software (a fullscreen graph). No real problem, it's just the nerd in me wanting to play ^^ At some point I'll join the bookface group and figure out the things I'm not understanding.

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