What are you cooking - August

  • Bought a 4.5kg boston butt from costco. Trimmed a bit of the fat but left the majority on as I would remove it after the cook. Scored and dry brined over night in the fridge. Dusted with rub prior to cook.

    Threw it on the Akorn @ 250f. Took around 7 hours to hit my target temp of 170f then I wrapped in foil until it hit 205f (another 5 hours). Wrapped in some towels and let it rest in the Esky for a few hours.

    Didn't get any pics of it pulled but it turned out great.

  • yum. Was eyeing those off in cosco last weekend, thinking I might do one for my son's 5th birthday down at the park. I reckon a foil tray of pulled pork with some bread rolls and slaw will be a little more fun than just snags, and be easier on the day as well.

  • I did my first ever reverse sear yesterday. Picked up a tomahawk from Costco, 1.4kg for $60.

    Was aiming for medium-rare to give me a bit of room each side for under/over cooking as I haven't done this before.

    Took it to 46°C, then pulled it off and covered in foil while I waited for the smoker to get up to max temp (240°C on the controller).

    After it got to temp, I opened the grate to get some flames, the temp rose quickly to 330°C and just as I was finishing the searing the controller went in to error because (I assume) it was too hot.

    Seared for 1 minute x 4 to get the criss cross thing happening.

    Next time I will either open the grate during the temperature change to minimise overshooting temp or leave it closed the entire time.

    It didn't have a lot of smoke flavour considering it was on there for 2.5 hours on the lowest temperature setting. This makes me want the MB800 even more.

  • Pork belly for lunch for a few of the guys in the office yesterday, had 2 webbers running

    Never enough BBQ

    Primo XL, Imperial Kamado, Pro Smoke Offest, Pot belly stove, Flaming coals Spit , Jumbuck 'Rondo' Med spit, Webber Kettles, Small SS battery spit , 5 Burner beefmaster, gasmate portable bbq,

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