BBQ Vortex or Kettle Kone

  • G'day all,

    I'm looking at getting either a Kettle Kone or BBQ vortex for the Weber kettle. Apart from the shape, is there much difference in results between them? I would have thought that the Vortex would give a more 'even' result given the round shape, but I'll happily stand corrected.

    Thanks for looking,


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  • G’day

    I’ve got my nephew and his tribe over Sunday. Chicken wings using the vortex method on the kettle is always a crowd pleaser.

    I’ve got just a stainless bowl with the bum cut out of it. Used it quite a bit but only for wings and drummies.

    It’s a bit rusty cause of course it’s not the best grade of stainless. I should get a proper one this will be it’s final cook I recon.

    Cut the bum out of a cheap bowl and try it. The chicken cooks great in the hot air and no radiant heat. Kinda like an oversized charcoal powered airfryer.

    Wouldn’t think the shape would make that much difference myself

    Regards Dave

  • I think the Vortex is more versatile due to the round shape as this guy shows in his video. I like how he uses it upside down and pressed up against the side of the kettle.

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  • I’ve got the kettle kone and it works great, use it both standard and upside down.

    Pretty sure they’d all work pretty much the same from what I’ve read and seen on YouTube. Bunnings has its own version and as mentioned previously the bottom cut out of a stainless steel bowl also is meant to work well.

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  • Thanks for the feedback and advice, I really appreciate it. I ended up going with the Kettle Kone, mainly because it's Australian made. I'm looking forward to upping my wing game when it arrives.

    Thanks again,


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