JJapanese Takoyaki / octpus balls yes

  • They look interesting- I bet they taste good :drool:

    Never enough BBQ

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  • I've seen these on TV being cooked but I've never tried them, and I really want to. Looks great.

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  • Now you're talking my language.....I've eaten so many Takoyaki dishes over the past 6 weeks in Chiba that I was actually getting a bit fed up (Literally)

    The Shopping centre that was only a 15 minute walk from my Wife's family home had a Takoyaki kitchen in the food court and often watched them making them and you really gotta work at it especially with the amount of people lined up and they had 4 different versions based off the original.

    The trays are small half ball shaped that you have ginger, little bit of flakey carrot shavings, shallots then the little bit (and I mean little) of cut up octopus if thrown into each of the rounds then the flour mixture which you just filly to the top, because the trays were over gas burners, timing is the essence, with a skewer in each hand, they quickly stab pricked each balls continuously as they cooked and formed into balls and they seems to have rotated when they are quickly stabbing and turning them within the tray.

    The next part is when the ball is firm and cooked, they get drizzled with a BBQ sauce, something like teriyaki sauce, our favourite brand is Bulldog fruity BBQ sauce, then dried Bonito fish flakes and followed by either egg or mustard Mayo zigzagged drizzled over top.

    If making them yourself is not an option, you can buy them frozen in a bag from Costco or perhaps your supermarket. I often do this and even while frozen, I place them on a low to medium heat on a grill...a Weber Q is perfect for them, just gives them a better cooked experience, just move them around the grill often.

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