Aussiecue forum still around?

  • 12x7 August 19, 2022 at 12:49 AM

    Changed the title of the thread from “Aussiecue forum still around” to “Aussiecue forum still around?”.
  • Hi team SFAF, Unfortunately the little Aussiecue home cooking forum crashed and lost all its data and we don't know how. Something SMF did. So it is indeed gone for good and all that was in it. Gut wrenching for me as it was a nice place and people to know. Our only option is to put the forum back up again empty for anyone interested to rejoin and start over or let it go altogether. after deliberation We have decided to put it back up and go again. May as well as there were no sheep stations in it but our ten years of beloved recipes. It will take a few weeks for it to come back. I am deeply sorry to all common members of SFAF and AQ for what is to me a great loss. My aim was not to compete or be the best in bbq, But just be different and I know I achieved that. I fell down but I am getting back up again.

  • Sorry to hear that Mick, I was in Japan for about 6 weeks and checked in regularly, my only Internet was stealing starbucks data down at the local shopping centre and when I checked a couple of days ago, it just went sorry, we can't connect you to this site. so I thought maybe your guy in the USA had some issues with the server.

    I also checked into the old forum, now over 35 new membership applicants I can't be fussed sorting our coz ol mate Paul hasn't checked in since last bugger it!!

    I'm not a tech head but isn't there a way to do regular back-ups in case of a meltdown?

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  • Sorry to hear about the technical issues. It's not as straightforward as people might think to run a forum and good on you for getting it going again.

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  • Sorry to hear about the forum Mick, hope you can get it back up again.

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  • I'm having trouble getting into the new one Mick, any tips or is the error between the keyboard and chair?

    Gus, Pink Lake Butchers has taken over the concept of Aussiecue and made it their own new small forum. Given my situation with a very sick family member I have given my blessings and support. I am an admin there but only as a helper. Not owner. Out of respect to this forum I will not put up the link. But I'm sure you can contact the best butcher in the west's details. She would love to talk to you. The core is there.

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