Wood Pricing Gold Coast - Split Iron Bark or similar

  • I just ordered a drum full of triple split ironbark from Billy Backyard BBQ in Mt Cotton. They probably won't deliver down to you but if you can pick it up you could possibly arrange with them.

    I can't copy and attach the Facebook post but here is an extract:

    100% Seasoned ironbark from out west (includes hardwood kindling), perfect for fireplace & fire pits. Burns hot, slow & clean. 44 Gallon drum = approx 110kg
    $15 for 44 gallon drum & lid, one off payment, if you choose not to reorder, you keep the drum. Drums placed where you need it, easy storage, keeps ironbark dry and clean, no mess. If you reorder we come and swap out drum for a full one. Pls contact us for delivery costs.

    Firepit/fireplace size $95
    Triple split Pizza oven size $115
    Double split Backyard smoker size $105

    Call or text Pete 0420 360 771

    May be an image of food

    Used to own: Beefeater 5 Burner BBQ, Weber Baby Q. Currently own: CharGriller Double Play with side fire box as offset, Asmoke AS350

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