Top 4 BBQ Forums in Australia

  • Most forums of any genre are dying. Everyone’s on FB. I prefer the forum layout, I suppose I’m just an old $&*#

    I hate facebook, and in my experience it's more popular among older generations these days. I really hate when a facebook store is the only way (for example, Dwayne's garage with 180 different rubs and sauces). I do get it though; it's an easier and cheaper way to market.

    The size and success of reddit suggests forums are not even looking like dying. Discord has added a forum feature, and is used by all sorts of hobby groups.

    However, more traditional forums like this one are getting harder to find. They seem a lot more difficult to manage as well.

  • The forums were born when the internet was young. Anyone remember Compuserve? You dialed in via modem. Mostly everything was text based. Then windoz came along and forums became graphical. Some forums you even could even upload photos. By this stage digital cameras were pretty cheap and most people could afford them. People loved the idea they could share their achievements. The bbq forums predecessors before SF&F boomed. It was a different time. We could throw a shimp on the barbie and enjoy a beer with the mates and live music at the pub, a man could open the door for a women and that would be the polite thing to do.

    Well that was the past. People have moved on to things like Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and youtube.

    People seem to like videos nowadays. Zoom, Teams, Tiktok and youtube.

    What will be next? I guess we wait and see.

  • I liked Instagram when it wasn't owned by Facebook.....but it's still ok and has become the preferred platform for some of my picture taking friends who are not really into FB and it's still better than that stupid Tiktok.



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