I don’t live near Costco. What am I missing?

  • Given you were going to be bringing a fair quantity of white powder thru customs, I where did you smuggle the sachets....?

    Underneath all the other snackfood we brought in but it was all declared as we always do but yeah, good point lol

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  • Kind of off topic, but the mashed potato comment gave me a flashback. When I was living in California, I vacationed a few times in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I would usually go for 10-12 days. Knowing I would do laundry only once (and being a Cheap Screw) I did not want to buy it there so I vac sealed enough for one load. Nice tight vac seal, as you can imagine, when I unpack my luggage, the vac seal was no longer intact!

    Had no idea there are Costco in Japan.

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