Burning wood makes a comeback

  • It's a bit like one of those dystopian sci-fi movies you see on Netflix. One second we are living in modern times and then in a few moments we are back in the dark ages.

    Here's one of the many stories out now about how in Europe we are seemingly watching a dystopian future evolve right before us as people search the forests for wood to keep themselves warm.

    Germans are looking to firewood for energy as natural gas prices soar
    Preparations for the coming winter are straining wood supply.

    Next step we are back to coal and wood stoves because gas and electricity is so expensive.

    Who would have thought in such a short time cooking with wood and coal could be so popular.

    The History of Old Stoves
    Old stoves help define the look of kitchens in any era.

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  • Watch this space as the Price of Petrol here will soar come our summer / their winter.

    They will move away from gas to oil for winter.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

    Enjoy your "Q"

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  • Well..... timber is carbon neutral.

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