Pasture Raised Chicken

  • My local Italian owned supermarket has "Pasture Raised" Chickens as well as "Free Range" Chickens

    They are side by side in the cabinet.

    I know they are a different size so I did the math! If the Free Range was the same size as the Pasture Raised it would be $20.03


  • Must be gluten free. 😉

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  • It appears that freedom to move has a premium price, a bit like going from 2 star hotels to 4.

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  • Wow! What's growing in that pasture?

    Seriously though, the pasture raised chook is possibly twice as old as the free range one (10-14 weeks vs 5-8 weeks) . Possibly from an organic farm that lost their certification due to limited non-compliance.

    So expensive though!

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  • It'd be a real kick in the butt if you paid that much and it turned out to be an old boiler 8o :shock:

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  • 27211-20220906-161302-jpg

    You'd be stark raving Mad to pay that coin for a bloody chook!

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  • I find that price fowl.

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