Pulled pork, Boston butt, cook and advice

  • I'm a couple of hours into doing my first pulled pork, smartfire holding a temp in the dragon steadier than my oven.

    Anyway, I'll add pics as I go, but I'd like some advice about reheating it. The idea is to reheat it tomorrow morning and take it to a picnic (son's 5th birthday party at a playground).

    How should I go about reheating? I assume covered in the oven but how warm should I bring it up to, and how quickly? Can I bring it to the picnic at 10am (in an esky) or should I leave it in the oven down low and pop back to get it closer to midday?

  • I recently did a Brisket in the GMG and let it sit at 200f pit temp overnight and then increased to 250f in the morning.

    Result was sensational.

    Maybe that and get up early.

    Only issue is you can’t be late.

    Enjoy your "Q"

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  • I find that depending on use, reheating is optional for pulled pork. I once mixed it with mustard and a few other bits and used it to make cold sliders. It still tastes good as long as it's not fridge cold.

    I'd be tempted to wrap, towel and esky for the whole time. No reheating as I would expect it to be still a bit warm.

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  • do you have a vac sealer?

    Cheats sous vide, put in pot of water, go to 80 degrees and turn it off, lid on. The water will slowly cool, but will heat the meat. You may have to put the stove on again, but probably only come up to 70 any subsequent times, 65 degrees for the meat is the magic food safe number.

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  • That was a couple of hours in, might as well put it here.

    Foil boat, finally. That's about 7 hours so far, internal 75C.

    If it's ready closer to midnight I might just stick it in the esky until morning, like Narm said. A video I watched suggested that at 130C it'd take 7 hours all up, so it was either bullis**t or that 5C less makes a huge difference. Or my pit temp probe is inaccurate, possibly.

    With how solid the smartfire has been, I wish I'd done an overnight. But this is the first long cook I've done with it so I was nervous.

  • Might as well post the result.

    I ended up dropping the pit temp to 100C, wrapping it completely and going to bed. It woke me up at about 3am, done. I was lazy and just dropped the temp to 95C on the app and went back to sleep.

    So by morning it was a bit overdone. Some more texture would have been nicer and I don't think I'm going to use apple cider vinegar to spritz in future. It adds a funky taste (to my taste anyway).

    Even so, tasted good on buns with slaw so overall a success, especially given the bad choice of start time.

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