Prison hooch

  • G’day

    Made my old mate in the bush a batch of cider. Took my time and used bottled juice wine yeast and yeast nutrient etc. Turned out a great drop but strong at 12 per cent alcohol. He loved it his wife of course hated it.

    He’s been making a few noises about another batch and I’d thought I’d try to make some “prison hooch” style he could make himself from what he can get local up in the bush.

    I started with a two litre bottle of coles own brand. Poured off 2 cups of juice to give room for sugar headspace etc. the wife drank that.

    Pour a further couple of cups of juice in a scolded saucepan added a cup of raw sugar. A cup of strong tea and the juice of a lemon. Saucepan into a sink of cold water to cool. Added back to the bottle of juice with a scalded funnel and added 1/2 sachet of bakers yeast. Sealed with a layer of cling wrap held in place with a rubber band, a single pin hole in that to let out the excess CO2.

    I checked the original juice it would have probably yelded 2 per cent alcohol. The addition of the cup of sugar takes that to a posible 8 per cent.

    So the wait begins. Checking around day 5, but probably best at day 7. If it’s sweet it still need time . Dry ….time to possible add more sugar to carbonate.

    A quick check on prices of ingedients roughly $3.50 tops.

    Report back for results

    Regards Dave

  • Interesting, am curious to hear how this turns out.

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  • G’day

    Sorry should have reported earlier. Went for 7days before it stopped bubbling. Gave it a quick taste dry and a bit yeasty but not unpalatable. Took of the plastic wrap added 3 teaspoons of sugar and the original top.

    Left for 5 days till the plastic bottle was hard to press in then put it in the fridge. Must be grassed by then. Tempted to decant it off the yeast but I’ll not bother. Will see me mate in a couple of weeks time as he’s moving and we’ll see how it drinks. A bit of time in the fridge will do it more good than than harm.

    Regards dave

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