Custom built Stainless Steel Hibachi

  • Custom built Stainless Steel Hibachi

    Hi, love my big Parrilla grill but needed something much smaller but with all the big grill variables when just grilling for 2 people. So the Hibachilla grill was born, hope it provides some ideas to improve your own gear.

    Gave up on the clay type Hibachi, bought 2, first one cracked due to heat. Second new one arrived broken in 5 places, was not a hard decision when asked “replacement or credit.

    Basic Hibachi used is an off the shelf stainless steel and fire brick model purchased from Kegland Victoria $379.00 plus freight. Well built but you will cut your self to pieces on all the sharp edges, plus it has stainless steel handles, useless when the Hibachi is hot.

    Sourced lots of parts via Ebay, Bunnings, local stainless fabrication shop, Aliexpress and ended up with a great small versatile grill. Additional parts cost around $220.00

    Pictures tell the story, close heat for satays and elevated for Moroccan style Shish Kebabs or to keep pregrilled food warm.

    Additions and improvements

    1: All sharp edges ground off with sharpening stone

    2: Swapped all dome nuts for stainless socket heads

    3: Built and fitted Parrilla style lift.

    4: Parrilla lift attached with 4 machine knob screws, can detach entire thing in under a minute.

    5: Constructed a 2 bar removable Satay rail with heat shield. [no more burnt satay sticks]

    6: From a cast iron Jumbuck BBQ grill cut down to size and fitted with stand offs 25mm off bottom

    of fire bricks, increases heat around 30% by providing upward ventilation [needed for satays]

    7: Added 40mm sq wooden side handles with 25mm spacers.

    Cheers Morrie

  • Nice looking piece of gear - well done :thumbup:

    Never enough BBQ

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  • The parilla lift, does it just hold the skewers on the one side?

    I'm finding this intriguing. I like it.

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