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  • I wanted to try doing a platter of food for a few parties we have planned in the future and see how it would go cooking a variety of meats in the Akorn with the different times and temps. Trying t refine a few flavours so each meat has a different style and get them all ready for the same time.

    Brisket, Pork ribs, Turkey breast and sausages.

    Akorn Kamado - Heat beads lump charcoal, post oak and ran @ 250 for most of the cook with the smartfire hoilding temps as it always does.

    Threw the brisket in early (just a flat) - Rubbed with smoke garlic and sprinkled with HCC black and a local salt, tea tree, pepper rub I had bought. Wrapped in BP with Smoked Wagyu tallow once I had a nice bark and fat render, was ready earlier than I wanted so got a nice long rest. Probed tender around 203.

    Ribs went in with 6 hrs to go - 4 hrs @ 250, 1 hr @ 275 to get a little more pull back on the bone, wrapped for 30 with BBQ sauce and butter

    Turkey breast sprinklled with "Rooster rub" went in with 2 hrs to go 1 hr @ 250, 1 hr @ 275, wrapped once it was around 155 with a little butter.

    Once all were done, cranked it up to 350 and did the snags, Cheese and jalapeno and Cheese and bacon.


    Brisket was a little too salty for my tastes and didn't need the smoked tallow. A good quality brisket and rest in the oven to hold temp for the next one. Probably Just HCC black and garlic next time.

    Ribs were a little dry for my liking - didn't monitor the temp as much as I should so will cook by temp not time next run and use a sweeter rub and honey to finish. I want these to be sticky and sweet.

    Turkey breast was tender, will go with a more herb based rub next time but overall was very nice and tender (cooked to 165)

    Sausages were a little overdone as I was distracted during this part of the cook with sides and prep and they lost too much of the cheese and moisture.

    Overall it was a success and I achieved what I wanted with a decent tray of meat, 4 different flavours and some variety. Had smoked corn kernals (smoked on the cob, stripped and mixed with butter and Franks red hot) and a potatoe salad for sides. Just need to nail a nice banana pudding and I'll have my menu set for the firt party at our outdoor kitchen once its's built (need to upload a few pics of that too).

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  • Looks awesome Sapper, it just takes a few trial and errors till you get it down pat because you're using some many different types of meat such as brisket and Turkey but that is a pretty good spread mate.

    If I was there, I'd probably steal that big plate of meat while stating...." well I got my lunch, dunno what you guys are eating" :nana: :D

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