Pizza Bianca

  • Is anyone experienced in making fantastic Roman Style Pizza Bianca? Ever since I watched Bobby and Giada in Italy I have been craving it.

    I have made it twice now but I am not satisfied. Mile on YT was pretty darn good though. I am not looking for the "white pizza" variety of this I'm looking for the Focaccia variety.

  • G’day

    I delivered pizza when I was poor and had kids. The owner would make white pizza by rolling out the dough and letting it prove over a number of hours. Now thats plain pizza dough flour water salt and yeast.

    When it rises you knock it down with your finger tips.

    Put it in the pizza oven and just cook it till it skins so you can put the thinnest smear of crushed garlic on the top . Salt and back in the oven to finish cooking.

    Let it just cool a little a drizzle of olive oil cut up and eat warm. Can’t be beaten.

    It didn’t go to the customers as 10 mins in a pizza box and it was just plain ordinary. It has to be eaten as soon as it doesn’t burn your lips.

    Regards Dave

  • anyone experienced in making fantastic Roman Style Pizza Bianca

    No, but I'd love to know more about it.

    Which pizza bianca are you aiming for, the fornaio one or the pizza al taglio one?

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