My Outdoor Deck / Kitchen / Bar

  • i have lived in my house for 15 years and never really had a good outdoor area but i made do with what i had. With covid lockdown and spending a lot more time at home the past 3 years it really bugged me so i finally decided this year i was going to make the area what i wanted otherwise i would sell up.

    I started the journey in April getting quotes and design ideas (i knew what i wanted but struggled to communicate it). Eventually they understood what i wanted then proceeded to tell me it was crap and wouldn't work, they came up with a better practical solution so i gave the approval.

    Everything had to be sent off to design, engineering then council for certification and approval. Was told this should take 4-6 weeks, took 14 ;(

    Will be an insulated flyover roof with an L shaped bar (polished concrete) to accommodate gas bbq, teppanyaki hot plate, prep bench, kitchen sink, dish washer, 3 tap kegerator and gozney dome pizza oven.

    Area will be enclosed with outdoor roller shade blinds.

    Works finally started 2 weeks ago with the site preparation, plumbing / electrical, pest and new slab being poured.

    Materials are being delivered to site this Friday with works to start on Monday on the structure. Kitchen to be bricked the week after.

    Super excited.

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  • Sweet. I enclosed my outdoor area with roller shade blinds as well. Makes the area so comfortable, and you can entertain all year round without having to worry about the weather. My only problem is one span is about 4m wide, and when the wind really picks up, I have to raise the blind else it may get blown out of the frame. I was supposed to get a wind meter to automatically raise that blind when it gets too gusty, but haven't gotten around to it.

  • no photos at this stage but here is a rough rendering of what it will look like. Bench has been updated to include pizza oven and beer taps. Blinds not shown either.

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  • Only 1 BBQ in the pic 8|

    This was the original rendering for wifey to "visualise", although she tells me she still cannot visualise how it will look :doh: .

    The plans were updated to accommodate the hot plate and beer taps.

    I changed it again yesterday arvo to remove the beer taps for more cupboard and bench space.

    I have plans for a separate drinks station.

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  • Ditto that......^^^^^^

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  • here is where the headaches began. For a few reasons, things were altered on the fly. Have a bar bricked and bench top formed, a ton of steel and mesh went it to it before it was poured but i never got a pic.

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  • i am waiting on the bench to be polished next week with the plumbing and electrical supposedly being done too

    Blinds, drinks station and cabinetry will be done in Jan 23

    My possessions: GMG DB - Ziggy Triple

  • Lookin GOOD! :clap:

    Never enough BBQ

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  • Excellent set up....... nice work. :clap:

    Ziggy Trpl. ....Z Grill 700E and the New MINI.....Aldi & Camp Chef Gassers... Camp Chef cast iron.....Thermoworks Smoke...., Masterbuilt portable Charcoal Grill.

  • Looks great, I'm liking this build.

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