How to stop your bananas from ripening

  • We are in Cairns and verry hot so bananas left out are usually very over ripe in 48 hours

    This really works well with Ladies Fingers and slightly less with cavendish. Select bananas that still show a little bit of green near the stem, fully ripe bananas only last around 3 to 4 days

    Wrap in at least 2 or 3 pages of news paper

    If you have bananas with green stems as in picture they keep usually for 6 to 8 days and bananas stay around the same and don't change color

    After wrapping place in vegetable crisper in frig

    We remove a couple from the frig each evening and by mid morning next day they have continued to ripened ready to eat

    Only 2 separate bananas to each pack as in picture

  • I have noticed at times that we get just coming on ripe Bananas splitting along the skin.

    I believe that is either caused by indoor dryness or the fruit is still growing inside the skin.

    Wifey just wraps them up in plastic wrap to stop any contaminates getting into the fruit. 2 weeks ago we noticed some tiny fruitfly inside on the flesh so had to scrap them off.

    Love my Nanas with brekky!!

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