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  • I started a page for a local not for profit collectables club 10 years ago primarily to support their massive and very successfull annual show. I was the admin with two page editiors managing inquiries. I setup an email / account to soley to manage this page to keep sperate to my other pages. The page seldom recieved inquires other than when they were staging an event.

    Some months back facebook deactivated my account on the grounds they thought it was suspicious. This leaves us with no admin and no way to add users or delete the page. Any suggstions on how to move forward? Facebook advises they will not reactivate my old account. There are presently 1300+ followers.

  • Thanks #Morrietm, Thats not good. I would be happy if they shut this one down but am not sure how to without an admin. Its quite a liability sitting out there with the clubs name on it. I suspect it's been hacked with some unrelated images appearing on there.

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