Do not exceed 500F/260C for your deflector ???

  • Checking out the KJ's at BBQG I noticed this big label on the deflector "Do not exceed 500F/260C"

    I'm guessing they're coated the deflector with some low stick coating like teflon. What's the thoughts around the risk of pushing the kamado past 500F/260C?

    PS: I'm not sure if it is a genuine KJ accessory as I didn't feel like pulling apart the Kamado as it was on floor display.

  • If they're coated in Teflon I'd stay well clear of it. It seems silly to put such a low temperature limit on a BBQ.

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  • It has normal deflectors also, that is a new accessory that came with series 3 is my understanding, supposedly disperses the smoke better/more evenly (for smoking). You get the standard cream type ceramic for higher temp cooks also.

  • Bduza pointed me to Youtuber "Smokin dad bbq" in this post.

    Interesting how he's using a double deflector in the cheaper model of KJ to do the same thing as the slo-roller at a much lower price. Looking at the way he does it you can do it on many other brands too.

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