Question on making sausages.

  • Good morning everyone from Kyoto Japan,

    I am going to make sausages in the near future for the first time in my life .

    I have a couple of questions on making sausages.

    Do you leave the sausages in the fridge without covering plastic film to develop pellicle on them before you cold smoke them?

    If so, how long do you leave them in the fridge? Do you leave them overnight?

    Thank you in advance. :)

  • Yukkie1

    Changed the title of the thread from “Pellicle on making sausages” to “Question on making sausages.”.
  • Agreed overnight best but 3-4 hours would be OK if time poor

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  • if you are hot smoking the sausages, as in kranski/chirizo style, they should be cooled in an ice water bath as they come out of the smoker, dried and then refrigerated over night before vac packing. This will keep them nice and smooth and avoid the wrinkley

    cold sausage look

  • Bentley Meredith

    Thank you for your comment. I have never made any sausages in my life yet.

    So I’m gonna make some basic simple sausages . I have picked a recipe from a YouTube channel.

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    Thank you. Have a lovely rest of the.

  • Do you have a way to stuff the sausage meat into the casing?

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  • Wazza

    thank you for your comment.

    👍 Yes, I do.

    it was a bad choice for me to use a sausage maker gun, because it was very hard for me to squeeze out the cured ground pork into the casing.”…

    But I Iwas on budget …😂

    Actually, I have finished making the sausages a couple of days ago and finished cold smoking them.

    I have vacuum pack of them and I am mellowing them in the fridge .

    I am looking forward to having it.

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