Smoked Bread

  • I often bake my own bread but (and I'm sorry if I'm not the first to think of this) but I decided a few weeks ago to have a try at smoking bread. I've just recently bought a Masterbuilt upright electric smoker and I'm still playing with it...

    I made my bread as per usual - 15 minute kneading, 30 mins rising, a quick degas and another 30 minute rising - I then stuck it in the smoker for 10 minutes at 120C. The outer surface started developing a lovely pale golden crust. I transferred the bread to my oven for a further 25 minutes at 200 (fan forced)

    Took it out to the hungry ones with some fresh butter and it was demolished in under 5 minutes! Delicate smokey flavour but not over done and still had a lovely crust on the loaf - only downside was the loaf spread out a bit more than normal instead of rising upwards.... but still not a bad effort!

    Once you put my meat in your mouth, you're going to want to swallow.

  • So it did take some smoke in then?

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