First time offset smoker user - Splits

  • Hi where is the best (by that I mean cheapest 8o ) place for me to get wood splits to use the offset smoker I inherited from my Dad.

    Im in Adelaide

    Also what would be the best type of meat to try to cook first.

    So far the little I know I have learnt from you tube but I dont want to tackle a brisket quite yet.

  • Can't help you with the wood in Adelaide, but as for the meat I'd start with pork ribs. Make sure you don't buy ones from butchers that remove all the meat from them. The ribs should be meaty. If you're near a Costco that might be a good starting point as they have great pork ribs.

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  • Also can’t help with wood in Adelaide but as for 1st cook lamb shoulder is pretty easy and really forgiving.

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  • Oyster blade is a good option imo before you try the brisket.

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  • Just use normal Firewood in small offset!

    Start with two handfuls of lump charcoal, this will quickly establish a good hot coalbase. Do not use Briquettes, they are not hot enough and produce too much dust. Extruded “Robot Turds” are OK to use they burn Hot and are low ash.

    When the coal base is established maintain your fire with wood. Wood burns hotter than charcoal or beads

    Split your timber down to a matchbox size in the end (I use Jarrah Firewood)

    Add 5-6 splits to the fire, you want them to catch fire quickly and turn to coals fast.

    If you add a large piece of firewood, it will smoulder and coat your food with acrid smoke.

    You want a clean burning RED HOT small fire. Every now and again add a handful of unlit charcoal to boost the charcoal base and maintain a strong hot coal base for the fire

    Do not try to trap heat and smoke, offsets work best with the maximum airflow you can get.

    Manage your heat and smoke with the fire, not the vents.

    People call US BBQ “Smoking” but you don’t want to see any smoke

    Have a look at this video:

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  • Hi Urban G many thanks for the info that helps a lot i will watch the video too . :)

  • So after watching the video Urban suggested I have gone real simple for my first go. Chicken drumsticks with jarrah. The fire seemed to be getting choked so I cut of the adjustable vent at the top of the chimney and lost the curved sheet metal below the grill in the fire box. Seemed to work ok in the end but I should've seasoned the meat better I was more concerned about too much smoke. Kids liked the taste. Thanks for all your advice. Im wondering what a stack extension might do.

  • Another piece of good advice is to put the splits you are going to use onto the top of the firebox to help dry them out. It will help with ignition of the splits when you put them in. You seem to have this covered in your photo though so good work.

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  • Thats a great thought. Can they be any standard paver?


    Cement based will break down the first. Clay based will last longer. Firebrick will last a long time.

    But in the end pavers are cheap. Start off with what ever comes your way and replace them as they go.

    Regards Dave

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