Has anyone ordered from these guys before?

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    Everything about it screams scam, but it seems to have been around for ages so I assume it's legit, just a terrible website. But the font, the massive spiel, the free gifts, it really does scream 90's AOL dodgyness.

    Anyway, their prices aren't completely horrible (some stuff is worse than others), and the delivery is fairly cheap. I just can't find a single review online really, and I'm not on facebook so not sure if they have legit comments on there.

    I don't really have a butcher near me in Melbourne (that I know of) that carries cape grim and other decent stuff so I'm resorting to getting it delivered from places like Kelly's Meats, but I'm just curious if anyone has ever given "the monthly meat club" a go :dunno:

  • Their Facebook page is private so I can't see what's going on but it only has 230 members. They also state that it's for the Geelong area and surrounds.

    What part of Melbourne are you in ? There are lots of good butchers around, you just need to check them out.

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