Xmas party cook up

  • Had about 30 to feed for the Xmas party yesterday- 8kg brisket and an 8kg pork leg.

    Brisket done in primo overnight 12-13 hr

    And pork leg on the spit,

    Fed the army and all very happy - sorry no photo of brisket done but it was excellent.

    Too many beers and forgot finished photos

    Never enough BBQ

    Primo XL, Imperial Kamado, Pro Smoke Offest, Pot belly stove, Flaming coals Spit , Jumbuck 'Rondo' Med spit, Webber Kettles, Small SS battery spit , 5 Burner beefmaster, gasmate portable bbq,

  • Nice big hunks of meat, I bet the diners were pleased!

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