Kamado Covered in Dead Flying Ants

  • After a cool week it finally started to feel like we might get a hot Aussie Christmas Day tomorrow as today was nice and hot. Nice and hot and at night the flying ants can swarm.

    I cooked some steaks on the kamado tonight. I left the kamado out to cool down before putting it back in the shed.

    When I came out at 10pm to put the kamado in the shed I found the kamado was covered in dead flying ants.

    Anyone know why the flying ants would do a kamikaze on the kamado?

  • 12x7

    Changed the title of the thread from “Kamado Covered in Flying Ants” to “Kamado Covered in Dead Flying Ants”.
  • Attracted by the scent I suppose. They aren't that smart. :dunno:

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