My 15 year old Weber Performer needing a refurb

  • Yeah my poor old sage Green Weber Performer (gas starter model) is getting a bit tacky as it's cooked a lot of BBQ in that time but it;s looking tired and is in need of a refurbishment.

    Once I get settled into the new place and start BBQing again, I intend on buying a new Resin Table for it and 4 new wheels, that's it....that's all it really needs to look the part.

    It does have some big chips off the bowl that looks a bit untidy but that can't be helped. There has been some suggestion that perhaps it's because of many years dumping hot coals on one side of the bowl against the inside of the bowl.

    Otherwise it still looks and cooks good and is by far my favourite go to Grill. The Deep Ocean Blue only gets a look in when i need more cooking space or a different temp cook up.

    I'm also looking for advice on a Gas connection that I can use to connect a 4kg LPG Cylinder to it rather than using those expensive gas canisters. I haven't used the gas starter on it for almost a decade due to only getting about 10 starts ($1.30 per start) out of a cannister.

    I know some have done it in the past, just wondering if anyone else with a Gas starter Performer is running an Australian LPG Cylinder on it?



      Weber Performer (Sage) Weber Jumbo Joe (Black) Weber Master Touch Plus (Deep Ocean Blue)

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