• My original plan for NYE dinner, was a smoked chuck roast and pulled pork. I couldn't find a chuck roast when I got to the butchers and ended up coming home with this instead.

    I have a fear of brisket and always end up with overdone flat so thought this point end would help.

    On the old weber at 0230 this morning, fat side down with banksia cones (one of the best things I learnt from BBQ school).

    Slept in a bit and checked it this morning at 0930 as the Bluetooth thermometer disconnected. Most of it was at about 80-85, the point end underneath was at 95 but the bit of flat on the back where the probe is was under 80. The fat rendering was also starting a little fire on the heat beads.

    I've wrapped it now in paper and turned it over and around but now I'm scared in going to overcook it and dinner is ages away!

  • Once it reaches probe tender unwrap it to let all the steam out and then re wrap in foil and put it in an esky with a couple of old towels or a blanket. It can hold like that for an easy 8hrs, alternatively but it in an oven on its lowest setting to hold in there also wrapped in foil.

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  • Final results, everyone liked it and said it tasted great but if I could do it again I would have put it on in the morning not midnight. As we didn't sit down to eat it until 8:30 and it had been ready since lunchtime. The flat was flaking apart even using my Japanese breadknife to cut it. The 'au naturel' burnt ends were extremely popular.

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  • I reckon both brisket and pulled prok are much better the next day or even days later than on the day they are cooked.

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  • I agree. Always better the next day. And extra leftovers can make some awesome beans.

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