Another Crow eater, howdy from S.A.

  • Hi all,

    Looks like a nice forum here and more active than some. Just looking, learning 'n lurking so far

    Anyways I'm Wolf, a retired bloke and I have a nice outdoor kitchen area we made a while back with a large SS gas BBQ and SS WFO. I've not being BBQing much for a bit (we were going at it most days of the week for ages, maybe over did it lol) but after a break we're getting back into it again. Also have a cheap BBQ-G offset stick burner that we've just replaced and hope this new unit gives us more fun and drives us back into BBQing. The new smoker is a Wildfire Lognhorn Offset smoker we hope will be delivered next week.

    Will share BBQ adventures 'n stories as time goes by. Anyways, see you around the pits giggle.

    Cheers Wolf

  • Welcome aboard, always good to have another stick burner on the forum.

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  • Welcome aboard :bbq:

    Never enough BBQ

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  • Welcome aboard, this place will provide plenty of inspiration :thumbup:

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  • Welcome @Wolf ..... you should fit in well here. :bbq:

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  • G'Day and welcome. :cheers:

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  • Many thanks all for the warm welcome, am sure I'll fit right in. Got the new offset set-up and seasoned it a few days ago. Thought we'd give it a quick run (3.5-4 hours) and try a family fav on it, my Asian Hoisin/Soy/ 5 spice burnt-end sticky wings..

    Fuel used was Clean Heat premium lump charcoal 'n red-gum splits

    There was a full rack below and a few extra up on the warming rack when I went to take the photo but damn they disappear quick round here lol...giggle


    Here's the full photo, was very bright outside sorry but you can see how shiny the inside looks after seasoning...Used avocado oil.. Looking at pic I should redo that chimenea in top-right BG :doh:


  • Quick update, was embarrassed how rusty the old workshop chimenea had become, quick ''n dirty used veggie/avocado oil mix 'n a fire and it looks protected-black-ish again giggle..

    I should have removed more of the pitting but I will get to it at a later point...just wanted it protected 'n rust slow'd for now.

    Happy Days!


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