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  • I don't know why we don't make it mandatory for all new houses to have a 6kw array on the roof.

    6 KW is a huge powerplant to add to the top of your house and people forget that you need to maintain them. I discovered this when my isolation switch "wore out" and started a house fire. Lucky I was home as it could have burnt the house down. I'm on my second inverter too. A bit annoyed about that as I spent the bucks to buy the "premium" Fronious. German quality etc etc etc. Regular servicing of your solar installation is something most people don't regularly do.

    On the positive side solar has been around for quite awhile now. Having to check if it's still safe is something new to most people as their solar installation may be getting old now and things like the Aussie sun and rain can be pretty tough on them..

  • My previous array was 13 years old. Never had a problem with it in all those years. Inverter was an SMA Sunnyboy TL5000, paired with 30x180w UpSolar panels. Never had the system serviced, and it was still producing at peak 4.8kWh. Though, the SMA inverter was mounted in my garage, so that probably extended its life by not being subjected to the elements. Normally an inverter has a 10yr lifespan before you need to replace it. Panels should be good for 20+ years, barring any damage.

    Now I have a 13.7kWh array; 33x415w Trina Vertex S Plus, paired with Enphase IQ7A microinverters. On a good day, I generate 80+kWh. With the new 415w panels, a 6kWh array is only 15 panels.

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