Hi from Morley WA

  • Hi, I have never cooked with a wood pellet grill/smoker but heard lots of good comments about them. I'm thinking of going to Costco tomorrow and purchasing a Louisiana Grills LG1000SL pellet grill with cover. They have them on sale for a few days for $850.

    I'm unsure if it is too big for a small family, anyone out there have any experience with this grill and care to comment.



  • Welcome aboard. No experience with that one, but I would expect the size to be a non issue.

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  • Welcome from a few suburbs over. When you say small family, do you mean young, because they will get bigger and eat more, plus there is extended family dinners you need to think about.

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  • I think Bradobeero has one. Haven’t seen him on here for a while though.

    Jimmy70 not i sorry, Looks like a good piece of kit though.

    Blue Marlin welcome aboard. You can never go wrong with any kind of pellet grill/smoker. Once you start getting the hang of it all your friends will want to taste the goodness and pretty soon you'll be hosting some gatherings and then you'll be complaining that the smoker you have is too small.

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  • Welcome from Belmont. Good to have you here.

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