Solt Gas Pizza oven

  • Hi Guys, new here. been following this thread. any more updates. love seeing the cooks.

    saw this little fella at Good Guys and wondered myself. the price is right. it looked good. might give Gozney And Ooni a run for their money it seems.

    it gets up to the right temp. and at $299, cant be beat. been eyeing off the Gozney for a few years, just couldnt take the plunge.

    maybe i'll try this one.

    love to see some ore cooking pics from those that have it


  • Hi Rod, I'm due for another cook this/next week and will post again with the results. So far I've had my oven since Australia day (Jan 26) and so far no problems to speak of (outside of user error haha) still heats super fast, cooking is very much a trial and error operation but I think goes for most if not all of these ovens. My biggest concern was reliability as some other ovens at this price point had very weak stones that would break or wouldn't get past 400c.

    The solt has exceeded my expectations for sure thus far. If you have any questions let me know and I'll do my best to answer them for you.

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