Kamado Pizza "Woodfired"

  • Going to setup my Pro Smoke Dragon Kamado for pizzas with a pizza stacker and 3 cordierite stones.

    To get that woodfired flavour, I plan on adding an ironbark chunk on top of the coals. My concern is if I get the kamado up to 250C, the wood may catch light.

    Any advice here would be greatly appreciated.

  • The wood will just catch fire at those sorts of temps.

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  • I think if you wrapped the chunk with a bit of thin wire you could hang it on the side of the bowl without damging the seal. You'd probably need to get it smoldering first in the fire then hang it.

    Another way might be to wrap the chunk in foil with a couple of holes?

    Give it a test run and see if either way works.

    Cheers, Wayne

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  • The Saffire Kamado had a slot in the front where you could push in woodchips while it was rocking along.

    It will be a process of dropping wood onto the coals seconds before closing the lid. I'd have the top vent shut, close the lid, wait one minute then open the top vent full (and watch the fireworks)

  • Yes it would and remember , this is a journey so keep trying different things and you’ll find out what works best for you. Don’t try and become an expert too soon, the learning part of the journey is the best.

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  • ^^^^^ This comment above is what its all about.

    I am still learning.

    You will have fails we all do just not as many anymore.

    Enjoy your "Q"

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  • G’day

    Wrap the wood in aluminium foil. One R one nail size hole. Onto the fire. You’ll get smoke no flames and at the finish when things are cooled unwrap the foil packet you’ll have made yourself some charcoal.

    Watch the temps if it gets too hot it’s possible to melt the sealing ring around the top vent.

    Me I like big fat overloaded pizza so I stick to 250C or their abouts. Takes 20 mins but it cooks them through.

    Regards Dave

  • Watch the temps if it gets too hot it’s possible to melt the sealing ring around the top vent.

    I think this may be the case, takes a long time to drop temperature in my kamado. Took 4 hrs with vents closedto drop from 140C to 110C. Needs some maintenance. Will get some gasket and sealant, double up on ash and dome gaskets, reapply sealant to both vents!

  • Give it time to gunk up. As time goes by it will become more stable and easier to manage.

    Also I do pizza at well over 300c and flame in a wood fire oven is what will give you authentic flavour so I would want the wood to catch but only one piece.

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