New Akorn questions

  • Thanks guys I am just new to charcoal, so wasn’t sure if the charcoal flaring up into flame caused any issues (for a long period - eg 60 seconds). Next time I’ll let er burn away till it hits target temp (after reverse sear)

  • This pan is designed to sit on the coals on an outdoor fire pit, would also work with charcoal, but coals are coals.

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    I personally would like a little less flame than in this video, but it shows the cooking style:

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  • You can take the right end screw out & slide the vent out then insert your new one in then slide the vent back in behind it. This is what i had to do with the smartfire when i had an akorn. you may need to slightly bend it with a pair of pliers to slide along the vent.

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  • I would try to avoid a big fat fire. That doesn't taste good and is very different from the odd flame from charcoal with the odd fat drip.

    Keep moving the steak around the grill so the fat doesn't all fall in one place. Turn the steak frequently. Take it off for a few seconds if necessary.

    More importantly, I would discourage you from using fire lighters. Instead google looftlighter. Bunnings have it or a different brand of the same.

    Also bear in mind that what your sous vide has done can be achieved on your kamado. It'll take some practice, but that is another method should you want a more "smokey" result.

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