Beef shin but not on the bone? Ideas?

  • My wife gets these whenever they're available, and basically simmers them in a really strong Chinese stock until all the collagen has broken down, but stops before the meat is too tender.

    It's then sliced really thinly, and used as sandwich meat. Or with chilli etc for dinner.

    This time I'm thinking I might try something with some smoke, but I'm unsure what. Each packet has two lumps of about 600g each, it's highly muscular and has lots of connective tissue laced through it.

    I could just stew it like beef cheeks but does anyone have suggestions involving more smoke and fire? When I search online I get different, larger cuts with bone in.

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  • I would just do the same way as on the bone.

    Smoke initially, then wrap, or boat, or do something like my barbacoa with it.

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  • Give this a go - won’t be disappointed,

    I posted it a while ago , in livestock mid 21

    Never enough BBQ

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  • Personally I'd start with a smoke and finish in a braise. Fry off any herbs or spices and add stock. Put a rack over the pan and the meat on the rack and smoke so some smoke gets into both the meat and the stock. Then finish as a braise in the stock.

    From here you could add vegies for a one pot meal, or when meat is cooked to desired texture, remove and keep warm and strain then reduce stock to a jus. If going down the jus path, I'd deglaze the pan with red wine back at the frying herbs stage before adding stock.

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  • I ended up just handing them back to my wife. I figure if I'm going to do something in a stew/sauce I'm better off just buying osso bucco and benefiting from the bone.

    She took some of the stock from the previous cook, added some more stuff, including sichuan pepper, star anise, ginger etc, then simmered them in that for an hour. Then turned it off and it sat there slowly cooling for the next few hours.

    I'll get a pic of it finished tomorrow. We sliced one up for the bao buns this evening but I forgot to get a good pic. It was warm tonight but the rest of them will be cold sandwich meat.

  • I warmed a bit up for lunch. I don't think I can top that so I'll leave this particular cut to my wife.

    Thanks for the various suggestions though - I'll try some of them on some osso bucco when the weather cools down a bit.

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