• I have an INKBIRD IBBQ-4T and if cooking beef to well done is says cook until internal temp is 77c, however, all temp charts I have seen say cook until 98-105. Should I stick to what my INKBIRD says or the charts. I don’t fancy overcooking a brisket? Many thanks in advance for your suggestions.

  • I cook brisket to 203f, 95c and then probe for tenderness.

    Well done beef is definitely done at 165f, 75c probably a bit less.

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  • Yeah Branchman, cooking Brisket and a Roast Beef are 2 different thing, Briskets are a very tough meat, it's the part of the cow that it's lays on between it's 2 front legs. It has a lot of connective tissue that requires a long cook to break it down and to turn it to jelly like substance and it goes through the meat and makes it delicious and almost melt in your mouth, a roast beef on the other hand like a Rump or Bolar only needs to be taken to around 60C internal as they don't have the tough connective tissue to break down.

    The Brisket or the Chuck is the toughest muscle on the beast so it needs a longer cook at lower temps.

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  • Whatever temperature you cook your roast beef to (and I think 77 is way too high BTW), remember that it will continue to cook when you remove it from the BBQ. Particularly if it's wrapped, it will increase quite a lot so take it out before it hits the target.

    As Davo said, Brisket is a secondary cut and needs not only the internal temp to be 90+ but also needs plenty of time to get there, which allows for the tough collagen in the meat to break down in to gelatin. Hence the term, low AND slow.

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