G'day from Dianella (Perth)

  • Hi all - late 50's bloke here (age not year of birth) who enjoys bbq'ing generally. Have a 'normal' gas bbq, gas weber, and small rotisserie (charcoal). An attempt to diversify was attempted last year with purchase of a Braai but for various reasons now selling (see the Buy Swap & Sell section). Also have a GMG Jim Bowie that is just too big and will also go but one thing at a time. Paul

  • Welcome to the forum. That Braai looks like a neat unit.

    Big Green Egg - Asmoke Pellet Grill - Weber Kettle - Maximus Pizza Oven - Dragon Hibachi - Ziggy Portable - baby kamado - Grillz 2 burner - Cobb BBQ - Converted Gas Bottle Spit - Charbroil Grill2go - Anova sous vide - Digi Q controller - plus Tip Top Temp - Smokeware cap - Grill Grates

  • Welcome aboard 🍻

    Never enough BBQ

    Primo XL, Imperial Kamado, Pro Smoke Offest, Pot belly stove, Flaming coals Spit , Jumbuck 'Rondo' Med spit, Webber Kettles, Small SS battery spit , 5 Burner beefmaster, gasmate portable bbq,

  • Fellow Perth gent welcome along.

    Primo XL :bbq: - orange 1986 Webber Kettle - Broil King Royal Gas BBQ - Coolabah Pantera Gas BBQ - Webber go Anywhere - Cobb cooker. One or the other will be in use sometime soon. Loves using cast iron. :thumbup:

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