What are you cooking - March

  • Some great BBQ food is being produced by members, let's see what you can do in March.

    One post per cook, 3 pics max.

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  • Is that half a cabbage behind the drumsticks? Is it cooking over direct or indirect heat?

    Half a wombok or chinese cabbage. Direct in this case but that's not necessary.

    I sprinkle salt, pepper, whatever spuces or rub seems nice at the time. Usually something with some kick.

    Then lots of olive oil, and let that soak in for a while. Can massage it in also.

    Start it on its back, then finish it cut side down. I usually try to get a bit of char on it at that point. If you don't like it to crunchy, slice into the heart a bit to expose it more, but I like the undercooked bits so I don't bother.

  • 12 hr pulled pork, in the primo- banksia for smoke.

    Never enough BBQ

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  • Back here in West Virginia and parts of Ohio & Pennsylvania they have a place called Biscuit World. They have some really good Monster Breakfast Sandwiches. My favorite is the Thundering Herd. A close 2nd is the Duke. This is my homage to the Thundering Herd!

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  • Picked up a free Weber, her lid is pretty beat up and was filthy when I got her but after a thorough clean still cooked a leg of lamb to perfection. Not bad for a 23 year old DD!

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  • 100% OO, about 55% hydration. Memphis Pro @ 550° for 7 minutes, 5 minutes @ 450° and 2 minutes on off! Hot Sausage, Salami does not belong on Pizza and black olives! Live and learn!

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  • I made Japanese style Chinese fried noodles the other day.

    I have sprinkled some Katsuo-bushi / dried bonito and Áó-nórí / green sea vegetable.

    Yukkie’s Bar is an imaginative bar.

  • Last time I made one, I hard boiled the egg, a no no for a true Scotch Egg. This time, sous vide at 190 for 8 minutes. Whites prefect, yoke a little hard for what I think a Scotch Egg yoke should be. And on a side note, to much work, give me 2 over easy eggs over a biscuit with sausage gravy. Half the time, twice as good!

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  • Brined a whole chook earlier in the week using Captain Cook's brine recipe.

    Decided to give smoking it a go on the Masterbuilt portable.

    Had picked up some oak & some Cherry chunks from bunnings a few days prior.

    Interestingly when I got home with these wood chunks I was surprised see they both originate from China.....Samba & Matador brands....... suppose I should not be surprised though!

    Anyhows I went with some cherry for the chook and gave it around 30/40 minutes of smoke then cranked it up to180cish until it reached around 78c in thigh region.

    Bloody impressed with the result, the chicken had a really nice smoky flavour to it. :yum) :yum) :yum)

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  • You just don't see these prices around here much anymore. So when I do, I have a friend who just loves BBQ Pork Butt. So when I can make someone happy for $8, I am gonna try and do it! A coat of molasses, brown sugar, & S n P! What floored me, was checking local per pound prices. We have 3 BBQ places in Mayberry...Shawn's & Uncle Elders is charging $22/lb., & Burnt Ends is Charging $18/lb. That just shocked me! I was real pleased with the Bark & Color!




    "‘One who puts on his armor should not boast like one who takes it off.’”

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