• Quite a few of the long term members of this forum and before that Aussie BBQ forum have a long BBQ heritage.

    What's your favourite BBQ? Which BBQ out of the many you have owned was the one you used most?

    My most used bbq was my 4 burner hooded gasser. One side I had a plate and the other side grill grates. It had a wok accessory as well. Despite the fact I spent ages thinking how wonderful it would be to have a hood to roast and the wok accessory to stir fry when I was looking to move on from my secondhand hand me down flat top bbq, the new bbq was mostly used to grill. Looking back I probably would have been better off buying another flat top!

    It was a simple set-up. When the burners rusted away I just bought some new ones from BBQG. I knew it had to be replaced when the grate holding up the flame tamers finally wore out and collapsed into the fat tray.

    Now I have a Weber family Q which I mainly use for grilling. Hmm, maybe I should buy a flat top bbq, lol.

  • The one i was most fond of was the one we got when we were first married. It was a BBQ Galore, 4 burner, half flat, half grill. It had a cast iron deep dish with a lid (above another burner) and a wok burner, stainless frame and side tables.

    Had it for 10+ years before it rusted out, was a sad day when I knew the end had come. But the best bit of the story is around us purchasing it.

    We wanted to do it over 12 months interest free, filled out the application and were knocked back much to our surprise. The guy said leave it with him and he'll call he office on Monday and find out what happened. It turns out he did the application for $250 000 in stead of $2500. Said it was now all re-submitted and I could come and collect it.

    We got the card from the finance company and tried to make payments, were told there was nothing on the account so maybe it hasn't appeared yet. This went on for weeks and my wife got pretty angry as she didn't want to get stuck with interest. After several more phone calls we got a letter in the mail stating per our request the account is closed and the balance is $0, and could we please cut up the card, which we did.

    Best value BBQ ever. And I loved it.

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  • A 4 burner flat top, half grill, half hot plate. Until I got a Weber Kettle 30 years ago and did a roast every Sunday night for many years, which started me on this journey.

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  • My first BBQ which i went out to buy a $50 BBQ and came home after spending $400.00.

    Ranchero gas 4 Burner from BBQG. Half Plate and Half Grill. It had a vitreous enamel base so both the burners and tray holding the volcanic rocks rusted before anything else needed replacement.

    I did replace both the burners and the Tray holding the rocks before they again rusted away and still the base was OK.

    Ultimately it was on its last legs some 25 years after purchase and i inherited a Ziggy Portable to replace it. Then from there I caught a bug and bought many BBQ's

    Enjoy your "Q"

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  • My first owned BBQ was a Rinnai Gas like many here, half grill/Half plate with a steel frame and timber side tables and lower deck for the utensiles and a hook for the Gas Bottle, I think it cost me unde $200 bucks from BigW at the time and it was a great bit of kit. My Dad ended up buying one too and it was still in good working condition over 25 years later.

    Then because i enjoyed a borrowed Weber kettle before moving to the first house, my wife knew of some Japanese ppl moving back home to Japan and were selling their Weber Kettle, that one was a Bronze and brown colour (I stupidly sold it when I bought the Performer) so it became a Birthday pressie for me.....

    Gas BBQs didn't hold their value very well so instead of selling the Rinnai, I gave it to a bloke up the road for his son.

    I didn't own another Gas BBQ untill the Weber Q's were introduced and so bought a Q1200 and used it every day for lunch as i worked the PM shift, I've had 3 Weber Qs since and the largest was the best.....but....

    The question was, which did I use the most and was it my best BBQ? The Weber Performer would have to be my best & most used BBQ ever and I still love using it, great value for money and now that they are almost $1,000 to buy new...would I get another one...too bloody right I would!! :bbq:

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  • When I moved out of home... Dad gave me his old 4 burner half flat half grill. I think it was 10 years old by then. It was really tricky to light. Needed a lighter and always lit with a big woosh of flame. It was great in that sharehouse though.

    One friend wouldn't listen to my warning, telling me he knew how to light a bbq (we all have one mate like that, right?) So the rest of us sipped beer and watched the flames engulf that bald head of his. Singed his eyebrows and every time he tried to say that old bbq was dangerous, we laughed even harder.

  • My 45 year journey through BBQ and grilling was convoluted. I started in the mid 70's with a 50's charcoal unit my folks had as a teenager, that turned into a Weber Kettle. Then came the 80's and the Dark time of propane. Then in the 90's moved to drum smoking and my 1st go with wood. Then the turn of the century with hardwood pellets and have not looked back since. My Memphis Pro is the unit I have owned the longest in my life, just starting year 13!

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  • my lebanese neighbours always had the best bbq in the neighbourhood and their hospitality was unparalleled. Their "lebanese" charcoal bbq was simple and basic but as soon as i moved away i got one for myself because i knew i would miss it. Every time i light it i get excited and reflect on the memories.

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  • G’day

    At Macksville NSW. Nth end of bridge there is a small park at the boat ramps. A favourite spot to boil the billy. Toilets are always clean.

    Went through for the first time for years due to the COVID a couple of weeks ago.

    Really taken by the wood bbq. All neat and clean stocked with wood and kindling. Even had some fresh newspaper held down with a piece of wood.

    It’s good to see the people who maintain this place have a lot of pride in thier work and thier town. ( Gas prices are reasonable as well sure beats Coffs)

    Regards Dave

  • Anyone else remember when the free BBQs in parks would be half a 44 gallon drum instead of the gas or electric monoliths they provide now?

    Not me. What I remember was going to the park in the 80s and the rangers would have wood stacked next to wood bbqs like this.

  • Going back to early 70's through 80's My Father was an A grade RL coach and often had team BBQ's at our house. He had a big brick bbq in the back yard with a clay sewer pipe set on top as the chimney. I moved out of home in 84 at 16 yo and he bought me one of those round three legged Kmart gas bbq's and man did it get some work done. About the same time I bought a fish smoker box. And that's when it all went fuzzy.

  • Not me. What I remember was going to the park in the 80s and the rangers would have wood stacked next to wood bbqs like this.

    WE had one of these in our back yard back in the early 70's, but it was a besser brick wood BBQ and I remember Dad and I went for a drive down from Newcastle to the Entrance in our VW Beetle and carried the lot including my Sister and I. I also remember the exhaust pipes scraping the road on some bumps on the old Pacific Hwy ^^ Poor little VW

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  • I recall as a pretty young lad, maybe just before my teens myself and a mate built one of these brick BBQs at the back of the garage.

    Don't think the folks were to impressed at the time but was too late as we had well and truly begun (Concrete foundation) by the time they came home.

    Certainly, wasn't as good as the one above but I do remember it served us well for a few years until everything was pulled down to build a granny flat.

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