First ever Tri Tip

  • Got my hands on some Wagyu Tri Tips... any tips/tricks before I dive in? Plan is to se the GMG and the Ziggy to sear.

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  • Yes, I did a Cape Grim Angus tri-tip a couple of Months back and I found this youtube video on a way to do them and glad I did.

    I smoked the Tri-tip on the Weber Kettle at 250F until internal 120F (not C)

    I took it off at 120F and rested in foil for about 25 minutes.

    I stoked up the coals to give me a great reverse sear (you can do the same on the ziggy if you wish) and sear the tri-tip till an internal temp of around 140-145F, rest again for another 20 minutes capped with foil, then slice thinly as you's the best, nice and pink inside and still very juicy, any juice in the foil can easily be poured over the slices of meaty goodness.

    Tri-yip has got to be my favourite cut of meat these days..hard to beat.

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  • I like to do tri tip on the offset. Smoke until about 46 - 48 degrees internal and take it off to rest. While it's resting I get the fire ramped up and reverse sear in the firebox. Works well for medium rare.

    One of my favourite cuts, but not cooked it for a while sadly.

  • We have an awesome Harris Farm Market down here in Albury and they sell Cape Grim Tri-tip steaks, much better than the Costco cuts as these are whole and not cut in smaller portions like the Costco ones. In fact I'm seriously thinking of going to HF later today to pick one up and fire up the Weber Kettle. :yum)

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  • I am from The Central Valley, so it was always a high heat grilled piece of meat. It is cooked a lot of different ways over here. I still like a 4 side sear, then cook at 275° till an IT of 125°, usually takes about 35-40 minutes.. Pull, rest and slice thin against the grain.

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  • Smoked a tri-tip today, probably not as good as my last one but good at the same time with mixed veggies

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  • Extremely happy with results! Smoked in GMG until 52c internal. Wrapped and rested whilst the Ziggy got hot, seared for 3 mins each side, lid closed.

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