Wooshka + rotisserie - meet my new toy

  • I found this second hand the other day, just in time for Easter camping. Giving it a try with a chook tonight.

    Was rushed, tied it poorly and I think I need to research how to do tbe prong's better but it's spinning and sizzling. Squeaking.

    The wooshka itself- seems good quality. Solid. Heavier than I expected. Chimney works well as you can see in pic 2.

    My wife thinks I'm mad but she's never been camping in the cooler months so she'll understand on Thursday evening when we're sitting around it doing the marshmallows with the kids etc.

  • I’ve seen them at Bunnings, look like they have a fair few options to add to the basic setup.

    I’ve got an ozpig that i added the rotisserie to and is great for camping trips.

    weber performer, weber compact with gas conversion, napoleon rodeo, pro q 20", PBC, ziggy portable, ozpig with rotisserie, pro smoke offset, pit boss mini kamado, asmoke portable, master built 560.

  • Yeah, I wanted a rectangular unit, which the ozpig is not (though I heard ozpig now do one that isn't round.)

    I'll get the water tank at some point, and the heat bead tray.

    The chimney oven is supposed to be rubbish (not hot) although it might be good for a reverse sear... not worth the space it'd use though even if it does have some use. And the smoker top seems cool, but large.

    So aside from the water tank I doubt I'll add any significant accessories.

  • G’day

    My brother bought one with his flyby points from his divorce…. Best thing the X did for him.

    He’s got most of the bits as well. Everything except the oven.

    Loves the thing. Sits on a bed of pavers on his deck.

    Love a roast on the rottissary over some hardwood coals. No need for fancy wood chunks for the smoke flavour that’s for sure.

    Chuck a bit more wood on after tea and do the camping thing. Your fronts hot as and your backs freezing….. yep you could turn around but you can’t take your eyes of the flames…

  • I know nothing about wooshka but every now and then the Chinese put out some serious good stuff. I have a wooshka camp oven that you can only order in from bunnings trade order desk and it is by far superior to any camp oven I've used. Same with some Guitars. I have a Cort A8 gold that is far superior to any tailor or martin that I have played and that is many. Just looking at this cooker I can tell it seems no holds bared

  • It's definitely not flimsy. A bit too heavy to be honest- I'd have preferred to buy something lighter like:

    Smoke Eater - Portable Camping Wood Fire Stove Set
    Get the best of a campfire with the double fire proof windows and the convenience of stainless steel with this portable camping stove.This campfire place will…

    Buuuut, none of the alternatives I found have the rectangular opening at the top, so their usefulness is limited.

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