Cedar Grilling Planks

  • Hi there, any thoughts as to where I could purchase Cedar Grilling Planks? My local hardware (Colli Timber in Malaga, Perth) once did but sadly no longer. I believe BBQ's Galore do but they are very expensive $30 for 2 pieces and not overly large (280 x 120mm). Had a quick Ebay peruse but all from US with high shipping costs! X( . Thankyou

  • Bunnings stock them, also pretty expensive but I can’t remember the price sorry.

    They say for single use but when I used them I got about 4 cooks out of them.

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  • They've always been expensive, ever since the technique has been known for well over 10 years, I think they are a totally different wood compared to anything in a hardware store, don't know if I'd risk it.

    You can re-use the planks if you treat them right, a good brushing will bring them up.

    They do tend to warp a bit, they tend to bow in the middle but they can be used a few times, not only once.

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  • Thanks blokes for your replies. Will check out the green shed. Yes - I also got about 4 cooks out of my old ones. I did happen to (unfortunately grab the ones from BBQ Galore as needed them for today's lunch. Also much smaller (ie. narrower) than the old ones so had to trim the salmon a wee bit. Anyway, tks again.

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