Collagen Casing Confusion

  • Hi all, new to the forum, greetings from Tassie

    Collagen Casing Confusion

    My sausage stuffer has 4 nozzles

    The casings I have only fit the smallest nozzle that has a diameter of 15mm

    I want to make fatter sausages but cannot work out what casings fit what size nozzle.

    Some sites give the sizes in mm and some as a single number. Are the sizes the finished sausage size or what fits the nozzle?

    Any help appreciated

    Nozzle 1 = 15mm diameter - Sausage size comes out at about 23mm dia

    Nozzle 2 = 19mm diameter - Sausage size about ? dia

    Nozzle 3 = 22mm diameter - Sausage size about ? dia

    Nozzle 4 = 25mm diameter - Sausage size about ? dia

    Also ideas on best place to buy Collagen casings in small quantity please



  • Welcome.

    I get fat snags using 15mm but I've never used collagen casings.

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  • Devro casings 22mm for nozzle 1 & 2, you can get 26mm in packs of 6 or 8 for nozzle 3 and I'd probably go natural hog casings 32/35 mm for nozzle 4. Try to steer away from natural sheep casings - they tend to be full of holes more so than the hog casing.

    Any decent butcher shop would be able to steer you in the right direction and sell you what you need - we do it all the time. Collagen skins WILL last for ages though providing you keep them dry and natural casings can be salted and frozen if you have to buy bulk.

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