Upgrading from Akorn. Found a used Primo XL

  • So I woke up around 3am and noticed temp was slowly dropping and had reached 210. Popped out and slid the bottom vent over a touch (I had it around 2 match stick heads).

    Opened the top a little more and went back to sleep.

    Woke up and it settled at 250f and was ready at 8am just in time to wrap it and sit it in an Esky while I take the kids to preschool. Annoying that the temp dropped but I'll know to leave bottom vent a touch more open

  • Looks great mate. How did you find it vs the Akorn or is it too early to comment ?

    Uses alot more lump, as expected I guess due to size difference. Didn't taste anything noticeable to a nearly identical cut I did a couple of weeks ago in the akorn.

    Can't really comment on ease of controlling it as I cheated with TTT but I know it'll be easier to control as Akorn requires nearly everything shut down to hold 225 and still creeps a bit.

    The extra space is awesome and dual zone etc.

    Will do a cook without TTT when I have more time to monitor the fire and learn how to use it properly.

    Prefer the coated racks on primo to cast iron on akorn which I always end up letting rust, along with the fact it's ceramic instead of rusted steel haha.

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