Smoke a Brisket then long rest via Sous Vide

  • Hi team,

    I have been scrolling through youtube and came across a number of videos suggesting longer rest times, 10-12 hours plus, as they do in the US BBQ places. The rest is a key part of their cooking method. I have previously wrapped in a towel and put a pork and brisket in the esky for over 6 hours and have things come out piping hot before but doubt such a method is as reliable on longer holds. These BBQ spots have specific ovens that will hold at 150f or similar for the time. Such a low temperature is about the lowest my oven will go and I have heard in domestic ovens there can be a bit of variation/spiking when trying to hold something so low. The downside of using the oven if it can hold is the smell fantastic permeates the house all night and makes the oven unavailable for other cooking. So I did a search and low & behold there were videos out there of guys using Sous Vide machines to do the hold.

    What is confusing however is some are saying smoke it to 190 then hold at 150-165 for 12 plus, whereas others took it to 203ish and then held. Even where sous vide's aren't in the mix there seems to be no consensus. If you were cooking a brisket for 3 days via Sous Vide you may only go to 160-165f anyway - and it would cook a similar point you are looking to get to with Brisket - ie: the pulling on a slice. I am leaning toward an experiment with smoking a brisket in the arvo - off the smoker before bed and into the sous vide and have it for either lunch or dinner the next day. Has anyone gone down this path?

    Note: I have seen the posts on here where some have Sous Vide'd and then smoked later - honestly the bark I am seeing on the latest videos looks 10x better than the pics available from this method. Guess that's 3hrs vs 8+ on the smoker.

    Interested on any thoughts or suggestions on the best way to do this.


  • I've not tried it myself, so would love to hear your thoughts if you do it, but my initial thought is it may destroy the bark.

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  • This video by Chuds suggests he got a result similar to one wrapped in paper. I'd be happy with one looking like his.

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  • Good question. I agree with Wazza about the bark, but it would be worth the sacrifice for the juiciness. In a sous vide I'd cook a brisket at a lower temperature for much longer. I'd go a bit lower temp than that video, especially if you are also using the flat.

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  • So I had a crack at this. Late decision to pick up a brisket yesterday arvo. The missus and I both had a bit of gstro last week ao wasn't going to do this until bith feeking better.

    I picked up a point just over 2kg but I didn't get it in the smoker until About 5.30 ..... had to wait for the washing to dry before i was allowed to start the smoker. I also put on a small pork loin i cured last week for bacon, that only took a few hours. Smoked at 250 for most of it, put it up to 275 after doing the foil boat at 165 internal. Took it off the smoker at about 1am and gave it half hour to cool before it hit the sous vide at 160f. Dropped the temp to 150f around lunch, when missus decided it was for dinner not lunch.

    2nd photo doesn't do it justice, I did pour the juices from the bag over the brisket, wasn't much but why waste it.

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