Recommend a chainsaw

  • Pretty much what he said just up there.

    You have a chain spinning around a bar with a slot in it. You need lubrication to prevent the metal wearing - moving metal on metal gets hot, oil reduces the friction. It still will wear and eventually need replacing, but the oil really extends the timeframe for replacement.

    Check to make sure there is oil in the reservoir, and I like to hold the saw so the the end of chain is just off the timber I'm about to cut and pull the trigger to spin the saw. If it's feeding oil you should see some expelled oil on the wood, this will tell you the oil is feeding properly and you are good to cut.

    The other thing you need to be aware of is how tight the chain is, too tight and you create extra friction, which creates heat which means wear. Too loose and the chain comes off. Read the manual about adjusting the bar for chain tension. Once you are aware of this it's pretty simple to work out which I'm sure you will quickly.

    Go to youtube, how to use a chainsaw and how to sharpen a chain. It's actually pretty simple stuff once you know what to do. First time you run the chain into something you shouldn't like dirt or a rock, I'm guessing you'll use similar words to which I use, it happens unfortunately - but hopefully not too often.

    Enjoy and be safe.

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  • In addition to the above and the obvious very important safety precautions, my observations:

    - if you leave oil in the tank when you put the machine away, it will run out over time (it's meant to lubricate the chain, so meant to come out unlike motor oil). I pour the oil back into the bottle before I pack the chainsaw away

    - +1 for the dirt thing. A few tiny bits can almost instantly blunt the saw. Be extra careful as sharpening is a pita

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  • A sharp chain is a safe saw! I would love to say never run it with just one had but that would make me a hypocrite! DO make sure you have a frim grip when you are cutting, don be afraid to lean into it! Can't really educate you on kickback, you just have to experience it to understand it! I am assuming that is a chain brake?

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  • As Bentley said be aware of kickback. My father in law had an accident with his where it kicked back & hit him in the face. Thankfully after a few surgeries the only reason you can tell it happened was he is missing a few teeth.

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  • And I am sure I will keep bugging you with nuggets you don't need...but let the saw do the work. As you use it, you will start to understand what that means as you feel it bite into the wood!

    Steadman, how big a saw was your FIL using? I got a 60cm and I cant imagine what it would be like to have that happen with it! One reason I tell folks not to be afraid to lean into it with your body!

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