Smoking box / tube - useful or a waste of time?

  • With the trend to outlaw charcoal/wood bbq's and even gassers, leaving electric bbqs as the only option, how useful/useless are using a smoking box/tube to your gas /electric bbq to add some smoke to your cook?

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  • They work. I've used a sieve with the middle poke up to allow pellets in a snake to do beef ribs in the family q.

    I can't see solid fuel bbqs being banned any time soon.

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  • I use one as pictured above the square / oblong one.
    I use it when making bacon, as I use a tiny piece of charcoal for heat, and to make the smoke.

    It is what I first learned about smoking with, long before I found out about the Kamado /Primo and using charcoal.

    I use it now, when I cannot use charcoal, such as when I am camping and using my small gas BBQ, or there is total fire bans.

    So yes, i consider them essential, and will continue to use them, when the occasion arises that it is needed.

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